6 restaurants and 3 bars that I particularly liked in Jaipur
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6 restaurants and 3 bars that I particularly liked in Jaipur

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I confess that 6 years ago, at my first encounter with the Incredible India, I had some doubts about the spices and unusual tastes for my European papillae and …I regretted it. So, once I arrived in India for the second time, 3 years ago, in Mumbai, it was by chance that I had to choose some pasta and a few Indian dishes from a sandwich menuand I decided to take another chance with the Indian food and I did the right thing, as I started to like it.

The biryani rice with vegetables and dhal along with it was divine, paneer cheese made with a delicious sauce or the naan flat loaves of bread with butter or the pudina paratha ones with butter and mint were a real delight. Therefore, once I got to Jaipur I decided to eat only Indian food. Have I whetted your appetite for it? Well, I`ve just started smile. Let`s taste…Jaipur in some restaurants thatI particularly liked:

Peshawri is considered the best and is really worthy of its awards and fame of gastronomic landmark in the city; the food is extraordinary, authentic, and the spot is intimate, stylish and sophisticated. Joints roasted on the spit, paneertika, dhal Bukhara and tandoori simlamirch sound extremely interesting and they are very tasty, indeed!

Suvarna Mahal from Rambagh Palace, ultra luxuriously decorated offers a wide range of Indian dishes specific to different regions of the country. Are you ready? Papad mangodi or lentil dumplings and papadam boiled in yogurt with a base of sauce and moderated with garlic and dry chilli; Shahisubz biryani or basmati rice with season vegetables cooked on a dum; Channa masala - a specialty of the Punjabi homes, that is lentil boiled in onion and tomato sauce, aromatized with caraway and fresh coriander; Khubani ke kofte, from Hyderabad, in Romanian, apricot stuffed with dumplings made of cow`s cheese, simmered in flavored tomato sauce. I`m done!

Cinnamon from Jai Mahal Palace is also on the to-do list as you mustn`t miss a restaurant that looks like a “gourmet theatre” which will spoil you with some goodies of the chef, Kuldeep. Gorgeous!

Baradari Café, from the City Palace, building looks quite European after its renovation and they serve both European and super yummy Indian dishes. It is a place steeped in history with a lot of personality, where the modern blends perfectly with the traditional.

• Another restaurant with excellent Indian food is that from Oberoi Rajvilas, that is Surya Mahal, which means the Palace of Sun, in Sanskrit. And it richly deserves its name, as the light and the brilliant sunrays sublimely get in through the large windows, during the daytime and in the evening the moon rays play among the beautiful chandeliers. And the food is excellent: egg-plants baked in tomato sauce, ginger, garlic and spices; a kind of dumplings filled with pomegranate in almond sauce, paneer cheese made in different sauces.

Peacock is a very popular spot, unpretentious but extremely relaxing and charming, from where you can admire the city from above and many tasty selections wink at you here.

As far as bars are concerned, if you don`t want to fail, choose the ones in the big hotels, which, besides the awesome setups, especially in the old hotels, with tradition, they have a special atmosphere.

Bar Palladio is a must go, the décor is impressive, it has got tables and such a diaphanous and stylish terrace!

Bar Polo from the Rambagh Palace is best known and has a special load in Jaipur, therefore, a visit in the afternoon/evening here is perfect. It is full of polo trophies and signature cocktails.

• I also recommend the bar from Rajmahal Palace where you have the opportunity to see a big collection of polo trophies and you can have a drink both in the bar and on the charming terrace.

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