Indian gastronomy (and a bit of cocktails)
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Indian gastronomy (and a bit of cocktails)

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It is said that Indian food is like a classical Raga: it takes time to reach a crescendo. Or, at least, they say so. In my opinion, the Indian gastronomy emanates such a big fusion of tastes, aromas, smells, mixes, dishes, unique spices, that there is no longer a crescendo, but the impact with the senses, which is great. From the very beginning. Since the very moment you taste a baati, biryani, chapatti, dal, gajar, pani puri and other interesting and appetizing strange dishes. Many Indians are vegetarians, and the combinations of vegetables and herbs which they cook are at least, surprising. The chilly peppers are in power (you have already seen them in piles and stacks in the markets), but the bread ranges are absolutely magical, simple flat loaves of bread or with butter, filled with potatoes, cheese, coriander, milk or almonds, or sprinkled with spices.
I whet your appetite, so, off we go!!

Colored list of restaurants:
   • Zyia – gold, gold, gold, splendor in gold!! With a gorgeous design, wonderful ocean views and an interpreted Indian cuisine menu, of Michelin stars, chef Vineet Bhatia invites you to a seafood chatka, a dilli chat (where you experience many tastes at once, hot, sweet, sour,and salty), a moti biryani, a grilled lobster with ginger and chilly, or a delice with caramelized nuts and chocolate…And you feel as if you were in paradise!

Detaliu din Zyia, Mumbai

Fel de mancare in restaurant Zyia, Mumbai

Feluri de mancare in restaurant Zyia, Mumbai

Desert in restaurant Zyia, Mumbai

Detaliu din farfurie, restaurant Zyia, Mumbai

   • Trishna  – a place made for fish and seafood, very cozy and elegant, where crabs, lobsters, shrimps in various combinations with spices, herbs, oils, masala, and all sorts of goodies (like prawn tandoori, prawn biryani..) are the protagonists of an unforgettable evening!

Peste si fructe de mare la Trishna restaurant, Mumbai

Fructe de mare la restaurant Trishna, Mumbai

Bunatati din restaurant Trishna, Mumbai

   • Indigo – if you want to sit on a super nice terrace and eat well, you can find everything you need at Indigo: homely ambience, simple and effective design, citric salads, ricotta and vedeturi, Camembert soufflé, grilled shrimps with chilly, homemade carpaccio with rucola, tortellini with goat`s cheese and roasted tomatoes, an extraordinary lemon parfait…I`ve already tickled your fancy, I `m sure…

Fel de mancare la restaurant Indigo, Mumbai

   • Leopold Café and Bar - Shantaram fans, careful! You should stop here, in Colaba, to remember the action of the book and to feel the local vibe, live. And the dishes are countless-rice, noodles, for vegetarians and not only, snacks, pasta and risotto, tandoos and many sorts of little loaves of bread

   • Samrat -  Gujarati Thali all the way!! In other words, the big tray with everything, with farsan dal, kadhi, rice, pullao, papad-don`t worry, all of them are edible and extremely tasty! To be tried, by all means!

Gujarati Thali la restaurant Samrat, Mumbai

   • Taj Mahal Palace – no matter what restaurant you choose here, at Aquarius you can eat a biryani with dal, so tasty, that you lick your fingers, or cheese in tomato sauce, on a superb terrace, by the pool.

Feluri de mancare la Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Restaurant la Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mancaruri la restaurant Aquarius, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

   • The Zodiac Grill (which has a perfect cuisine for a sophisticated evening: Camembert Dariole, a signature dish here, vegetables cannelloni)

   • Golden Dragon (with Dim Sum brunch at the weekend, cooked with fillings and Indian aromas)

Mancare la Golden Dragon, Mumbai

Dim Sum brunch la Golden Dragon restaurant, Mumbai

Restaurant Golden Dragon, Mumbai

   • Masala Kraft (a perfect example of what we call true Indian cuisine, made by the book)

Bucatarie indiana la Masala Kraft restaurant, Mumbai

Masala Kraft, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mancaruri indiene la Masala Kraft, Mumbai

Desert indian la Masala Kraft, Mumbai

Fel de mancare indian la Masala Kraft, Mumbai

   • Sau Sea Lounge with afternoon tea buffet and live piano

Afternoon tea buffet la Sea Lounge, Mumbai

Sea Lounge, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Colored list of bars:

   • Harbour Bar – should be checked firstly, because, is the first licensed bar in Mumbai and is legendary. Secondly, because the five star ambience, the signature cocktails, the exotic aromas, the wonderful champagne and the welcoming interior will dazzle you.

Cocktails la Harbour Bar in Mumbai

   • Dome Lounge la Marine Drive Intercontinental – an al fresco lounge on the terrace, with d.j, perfect to go there at sunset, very cool and popular in the city

Dome Lounge in Mumbai

Cocktails la Dome Lounge, Mumbai

   • Aer Bar – you can find it on the 34th floor (the top floor), at Four Seasons, it`s wow, in open air, d.j included, and perfect for an unforgettable sunset

Detaliu din Are Bar, Mumbai

Cocktail la Aer Bar, Mumbai

   • Wink Bar – both the d.j-s and the super duper cocktails, (many of them have been awarded prizes), along with the little snacks and the tapas…will wink at you, you won`t need anything else for the evening!

Cocktails la Wink Bar, Mumbai

Wink Bar, Mumbai

   • Instead of “to your heart`s content!”: street food

Street food in Mumbai

Pregatind street food in Mumbai

Imagine cu street food in Mumbai

Minunata street food in Mumbai

Feluri de street food in Mumbai

Sortimente de street food in Mumbai

   • Bhel puri – is a typical dish, a mix(masala) of rice, vermicelli made of fried  chick pea flour, potatoes, crispy puri, chilly pasta, tamarind water, sliced onion and coriander. I`ve impressed you, haven`t I?

Bhel puri in Mumbai

Preparand bhel puri in Mumbai

   • Pao bhaji  - is for someone who prefers a lighter and healthier variant, another sort of mix, along with some bread, with meat or vegetables, simmered gently. Yummmmyyy!

Pao bhaji in Mumbai

    • Pani puri - when you fancy a snack, try this little donut, a mixture of aromatic water, with tamarind chutney, chilly, chaat masala, potato, onion and peas. It`s perfect!

Pani puri in Mumbai

   • Samosa - an appetizing mille feuille, roasted or fried, filled with potato, onion, peas, chilly, lentil or meat, which can be served with chutney with mint, coriander and tamarind.
   • Vada pav - a vegetarian fast food, a mashed potato, mixed with herbs-chilly, garlic, turmeric; to be eaten in the street.

Street food Samosa in Mumbai

Vada pav in Mumbai pe strada

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