Travel guide Salzburg - Salzburg, the perfect scenario
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Travel guide Salzburg - Salzburg, the perfect scenario

01 Apr 2016 | Travel guides| 0 Comments | Postat de: ColoredIdeas

Introduction: baroque buildings in the burg that is unfolding before your eyes;
The plot: reveals itself as you go past exceedingly beautiful, medieval details, within an old fortress, on top of a hill.
The thread unfolds (it lasts several days, by all means): going for a leisurely stroll through the maze of streets, crammed with stunning houses, many museums, unique in the world, UNESCO heritage sites, gorgeous shops, crammed with souvenirs and adorable deco objects, desserts that you are nuts about, from miniature cookies to crunchy and relishable strudels.
The end?...Always happy!

Colored list of Salzburg:

1.    A walk through the old Centre, along the charming, fairy alleys with a stop at Salzburg Cathedral

2.    Spare some time for a short shopping trip, that you will never regret- the fairy –like Christmas in Salzburg is my fave shop, packed with hand painted baubles, where almost half of the shop is filled up with hand painted eggs before the Catholic Easter-lov-ly!

3.    Stop at the Tomaselli Café, where Mozart used to come, 3 centuries ago and where you can drink a coffee and eat a gorgeous apple strudel

4.    The most beautiful view over the old town is from the belvedere point of Kapuzinerberg, which is a kind of cherry on the cake-after climbing up the hill, you will see a unique scenery ,therefore it is definitely worth the effort. And don`t forget that you can walk here, too, that is on the opposite bank of the river, in the picturesque, tiny streets.

5.    Don`t fail to visit Mirabell Palace and Gardens, a wonderful, baroque construction, a real green oasis in the town, but also Mozart`s memorial house and don`t miss a Mozart concert, in the town that celebrates its artist at every corner

6.    The Salzburg Museum,one of the best in Europe and Dom Quartier, a fabulous complex, still baroque –are the jewels of Salzburg that need to be discovered
7.    For lunch or dinner you have Gasthouse Wilder Mann, typically Austrian and very nice or Stiffskeller St.Peter, if you want something more pretentious
8.    Late at night, a cocktail at Goldener`s Hirsch or at Sacher Bar which are traditional, smart and extremely welcoming.

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